Moon in Aquarius

We thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences. Venus enters Taurus today, where it will transit until April 11th, considerably toning down our desire to directly pursue our wants and needs. In Taurus, Venus is very sensual, mostly content, and possibly possessive. We seek security and value longevity. Our appetite for pleasure is strong. Taurus values the “here and now” as well as the world of the five senses. Tangible and physical expressions of love and romance are most important now. The shadow side of this is excessive possessiveness and treating our partners as objects that we own or want to own. On the financial side, Venus in Taurus looks for high-quality, solid, practical, and long-lasting items. We tend to hold on to and accumulate possessions rather than purge during this cycle. Tastes are definite. Mercury and Neptune are moving towards a conjunction, exact tomorrow morning, bringing imagination, color, and possibly confusion to our thoughts and communications.

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