New Moon, Ostara Spell

A New Moon and Ostara mean new beginnings are at hand. The possibilities of what we can do now are endless. Let this spell for Ostara inspire you to achieve all of your goals.
You’ll need two hard-boiled eggs, one dyed green and one dyed yellow. The green egg represents the awakening earth, and the yellow one symbolizes the sun. You’ll also need a pale green altar cloth and some fresh grass clippings.

Begin this ritual in the early morning. Instead of candles, let the morning light be your only illumination. Cover your altar with the green cloth, then sprinkle the grass over it. In the center, place the eggs. Hold the eggs as you say:

“I let go of the past and all negativity.
I face the future filled with inspiration
and creativity.”

Later, use the eggs as an ingredient in a salad. As you eat, feel your spirit being renewed.

—-James Kambos

Color: White
Incense: Vanilla

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