Ostara Inscence

Burn during Wiccan rituals on Ostara, or to welcome spring and to refresh your life.

The materials needed are the following:
*2 parts Frankincense
*1 part Benzoin
*1 part Dragon’s Blood
*half part Nutmeg
*half part Violet Flowers (or a few drops – like 3 – of Violet Oil)
*half part Orange Peel
*half part Rose Petals
*charcoal block/briquette
*fire-safe incense burner, censer or pot.

For best results, grind the materials in a mortar and pestle. Take a small amount and place on a burning charcoal block in a fire-safe censer or burner.

—-Scott Cunningham, The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews

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