Bridget’s Bedded Bulbs

The early spring is a time viewed as exceptionally sacred to the Highland peoples of our planet. Our endurance of the long, dark days of winter is rewarded with the rebirth and renewal of life. For many Celtic cultures, this was a time especially sacred to the goddess Bridget, ruler of medicine, mead, and mortality. This spell draws on the Spring Goddess in all her fertile glory as she is cosmologically regenerated in the rapture of the season.

Assemble these items:

  • One bottle honey mead
  • Four used tea bags
  • One tablespoon molasses
  • Three cups warm water

Combine all of the ingredients into a one-gallon jug. Shake the jug throughout your home and garden as you chant:

“Trinity ever be, the renewal of fertility.
O vivacious Bridget, by this willing
poetry, does my own strength undulate
in time with thee.”

When the mixture is fully foamy, use it as plant and garden fertilizer. Pour a tablespoon at a time into watering containers, and water over the bulbs in your garden or ones that you may have potted in the house for the spring season. Each time you water, remember Bridget, our Lady of Spring, and her trinity of fertility.

—-Estha McNevin

Color: White
Incense: Ylang-ylang

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