Astrological Highlights for the Week

  • The Pluto-Sun opposition on Monday makes us more clearly aware of patterns that do not belong in the future we are creating — fear-based patterns that we are needing to release and purge.
  • As Mercury and the Saturn form a quincunx on Tuesday, we come to terms with the need to take better control (Saturn in Scorpio) of our thinking and our tendency to over-think (Mercury in Gemini).
  • On Wednesday, the Mars-Neptune trine helps us better align our actions and our desires with our spiritual perspective.
  • With Mercury squaring the Moon’s Nodes on Friday, we will need to find a better balance and objectivity (North Node in Libra) to help us rise above the fluctuating mental-emotional realms (Mercury in Cancer).
  • By the time of Sunday night’s Sun-Uranus square, we’ll hopefully have established a strong enough balance — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually — to take advantage of the insights and breakthroughs that are available.

—-Pam Younghans

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