Jupiter in Virgo

think-abdunance-energy-intentionAs Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11 for a yearlong visit, you may become restless, especially with learning, studying and writing or around travel plans. During the Jupiter in Virgo cycle you can learn new ways to express yourself, or develop a communication skill, liking teaching, writing or training.

If you have a course you want to take or teach Jupiter in Virgo can help you take the plunge and get started. The Full Moon in Pisces on August 29/30 will also trigger travel themes for you. If you can, get away for a long weekend, or plan your next exotic adventure then. At the Pisces Full Moon you may be generally restless with routine. If possible, change your regular schedule, or at least the usual venue for a regular outing.

You may make firm or lasting choices around children or in a close relationship as Mercury in Virgo (August 7 – 27) encourages precise decision making. A solid grasp of details and logistics will help you make a choice you feel comfortable with and can stick to on August 15 and 26. Honesty with loved ones will be especially important on these dates.

Pay special attention to the topics, themes or areas of life that start to show up – or open up – for you this August. With Jupiter entering Virgo a whole new chapter of life begins.

You’ll take your effort and desire for progress around these emerging topics to new levels when Mars joins Jupiter in Virgo from September 25 – November 11. In this period Venus will also visit Virgo (October 8 – November 8) tripling up the planetary emphasis on one topic or part of your life.

August is a big month where change and transition is possible, especially if you have a strong Jupiter themed chart (if you have lots of planets in Sagittarius or Pisces), or if you have the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) on the angles (including ascendant, IC, descendant or MC).

One stand out planet in August is Mercury in Virgo, August 7 – 27. This is an ideal period in which to organise paperwork, undertake any de-cluttering project, or reorganise and streamline your home or work space. Think recycle, re purpose or re-gift to get rid of stuff you no longer need.

Mercury will make 3 key aspects from Virgo. An opposition to Neptune on August 13 can fog facts, or make it tricky to finalise an agreement that relies on clear information. However, by August 15, when Mercury trines Pluto, an eagle eye for detail can help you take charge of information, dig up forgotten facts or take honesty to a new level.

The most productive and definitive aspect from Mercury in Virgo is a sextile to Saturn, on August 26. This is about making firm, fast and final choices. Any decision made then can be made with confidence, especially if you’ve been thorough in doing your research. Promises made then will last.

—- Kelly’s Astrology

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