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Ostara Inscence

Burn during Wiccan rituals on Ostara, or to welcome spring and to refresh your life. The materials needed are the following: *2 parts Frankincense *1 part Benzoin *1 part Dragon’s Blood *half part Nutmeg *half part Violet Flowers (or a … Continue reading

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Planet: Mars Element: Fire Gender: Masculine Love, money, success, power. Use in love spells. Eat before performing spells to increase your power.

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Planet: Sun Element: Fire Gender: Masculine Protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, sleep, youth. Burn to purify and cleanse. Use in love and lust incenses and potions. Use for healing of all kinds. A tea of rosemary causes … Continue reading

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Traditions and Herbs of Meán Fómhair

Grains of all kinds are baked into breads and cakes and shared at fall equinox gatherings. Baked goods made with new grain are eaten in honor of the Green Man, the living spirit of the vegetation, who sacrifices himself in … Continue reading

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Element: Air Planetary Alignment: Moon Gender: Feminine Uses include great healing properties, kills germs, infections, eases lung congestion, heart stimulant. Attracts healing vibrations and protection. Use to purify and cleanse any space of unwanted energies. Also useful in dream and … Continue reading

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Planetary Alignment:Venus Element: Water Gender: Feminine Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection. Use in love spells of all kinds. Drink rose tea before bed for prophetic dreams. Domestic peace and happiness, promotes joy of giving. Helps clear away headaches, dizziness, … Continue reading

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Planetary Alignment: Venus Element: Water Gender: Feminine Burn for good health and use in healing spells. Burn as purification incense. Wear to increase psychic powers.

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Deity: Jupiter Element: Fire Gender: Masculine Luck, money, health. Carry for good luck, and to strengthen clairvoyant powers. Use in money and prosperity spells. A hallucinogen when made into a tea. TOXIC in large doses! Take no more than a … Continue reading

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