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Color of the Day: Black

Elemental earth, deities of the Underworld. Repel and banish evil and negativity, protection, breaking free from bad habits and addictions, deep meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels.

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Earth Justice

Speak for Earth today as a member of Gaia’s family. Bring mindfulness to your steps, your purchases, your intake of her resources and output into her embrace. Honor your part in the cycle of life in this way, and if … Continue reading

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Elder Tree Spell

Today is the beginning of the Celtic tree month Ruis. Elder, known as the Goddess Tree, rperesents judgment and transformation, death and regeneration, and the crossing of thresholds. Tapping into the benefits of this tree helps in driving away malevolent … Continue reading

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I Am That

What is it you are willing to risk your neck for in this world Where does courage need to come alive in order for your risk taking to be possible? Can you hold on to compassion in the face of … Continue reading

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