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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

A NEW MOON Solar Eclipse occurs on Thursday, September 1, 2016, at 5:03 AM EDT. On Thursday morning, the New Moon is exact, when the Sun in Virgo aligns with the Moon in Virgo. A New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign … Continue reading

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Planetary Alignment: Venus Element: Water Gender: Feminine Burn for good health and use in healing spells. Burn as purification incense. Wear to increase psychic powers.

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Deity: Jupiter Element: Fire Gender: Masculine Luck, money, health. Carry for good luck, and to strengthen clairvoyant powers. Use in money and prosperity spells. A hallucinogen when made into a tea. TOXIC in large doses! Take no more than a … Continue reading

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Legend of the Maneki Neko

The story of Maneki Neko and his good fortune dates back to the 1600s, when a prosperous businessman took refuge from a downpour under a tree. Across from the tree was a small, impoverished temple, tended by a priest who … Continue reading

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Jupiter Square Ceres

Jupiter is moving into a challenging square to Ceres, the planet of nourishment and our relationship to the Earth that sustains us.  During this time we may find it difficult to manage our health and overeating or overindulging in all sorts … Continue reading

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Laughter is Good Medicine

Need a quick boost? Laugh! Find something funny. Studies show that laughter increases chemicals in the brain and body that can help us feel better. Even if it won’t fix all your problems, being in a better mood can help … Continue reading

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Magical Water Cleanse

To cleanse your body after this month’s excesses, and steady yourself for a healthy holiday season, perform this proactive holiday health and weight-loss ritual. Begin with a warm bath in the morning, into which you have dissolved one cup of … Continue reading

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Healing Altar

With the cold and flu season upon us, it’s a great time to create a little nook, bookshelf, or table that you can use as a healing altar to send energy to loved ones feeling under the weather. Place representations … Continue reading

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