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Feng Shui for the Chinese New Year

One of the great gifts the Chinese have given to the world is the science of feng shui (“wind” + “water”). Magical wind + magical water = good fortune. Early spring is a good time to bring good fortune into … Continue reading

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Color of the Day: Green

Elemental earth and elemental water. Nature and fertility deities, Mother goddesses. Nature, fertility, growth, rejuvenation, recovery, healing, harvest and abundance, prosperity, harmony, balance, peace, hope, home, plants and animals.

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Legend of the Maneki Neko

The story of Maneki Neko and his good fortune dates back to the 1600s, when a prosperous businessman took refuge from a downpour under a tree. Across from the tree was a small, impoverished temple, tended by a priest who … Continue reading

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A Winter Cleansing Spell

The holidays are over and your routine is returning to normal. This is the perfect time for a ritual cleansing to banish any negative energy you may have hanging around. Select a day when you’ll be alone for a while. … Continue reading

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Season of Lights

As we approach the depths of winter and the longest night of the year, the urge to kindle light is strong. Bringing lights into one’s home at this time of year not only honors the season’s festive nature but lifts … Continue reading

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Hail to the Hogboons!

My Eastern European grandmother told me many tales of the hogboons, a variety of faery folk native to Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The name may derive from the Old Norse haug-bui or haug-buinn, “mound-farmer” or “mound-dweller.” The hogboons, also called hogboys, were mound-dwellers and … Continue reading

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Maneki Neko

You know those waving cat statues they often have near the entrances to Chinese restaurants? That cat’s name is Maneki Neko, and she’s a Japanese wealth-beckoning spirit. Although it seems like she’s waving, she’s actually beckoning: in many Asian countries … Continue reading

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