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Color of the Day: White

Burning a white candle or wearing a white element helps connect us with the purity of spirit we need to enact meaningful intention. It is aligned with elemental spirits, angels, and wisdom. If you are needing a guide, protection or … Continue reading

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Mercury Opposes Uranus

expanding the mind (Mercury) to greater insights and innovation (Uranus)

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Crossroads Tarot Spread

In many traditions, Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, has associations with Saturday. To get the new calendar year off to a fresh start, here is a Hecatean-inspired tarot spread to help you decide which way to turn at a personal … Continue reading

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Understanding Scrooge

It’s useful to learn, as Ebenezer Scrooge did, that spreading loving-kindness throughout the world is better than being mean and miserly. Early December is a good time to reread Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and watch the three ghosts administering psychotherapy and … Continue reading

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