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Hear from Me this Secret ~ An Imbolc Meditation

Jenya T. Beachy 2 Comments Listen to my words.   Come to me, come to me, through woods and streams and city streets.  Come from dark places and bright, full of body-wisdom and head-knowing and heart-opening.  Hear my voice in … Continue reading

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Color of the Day: Black

Elemental earth, deities of the Underworld. Repel and banish evil and negativity, protection, breaking free from bad habits and addictions, deep meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels.

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A Self-Discovery Spell

A November night is a good time to perform a self-discovery spell to see if you’re following the right path to achieve your goals. I’ve found that using only the major arcana portion of your tarot deck is a simple … Continue reading

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I Am That

What is it you are willing to risk your neck for in this world Where does courage need to come alive in order for your risk taking to be possible? Can you hold on to compassion in the face of … Continue reading

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Tarot Journey for Insight

Today the moon is at its fullest, and it is a good time to gain illumination into areas and issues about which we are unsure, confused, or feel misguided. The tarot is a wonderful tool for both meditation and guidance … Continue reading

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Spell of Mid-Autumn

This day marks the halfway point of autumn. As the days grow darker, it’s important to take time to prepare for the coming winter. Most of us will spend less time outdoors, and may battle fatigue or occasional depression. This … Continue reading

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