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Venus Quincunx Saturn

 We are extra sensitive, but it can be difficult to know why. Anxiety may overcome us when we wish to express our affections or social urges, and this hesitation can express itself through inhibitions and emotional distancing.

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Mercury Quincunx Jupiter.

 We may have big ideas under this influence, but we may also overestimate our abilities or underestimate the situation. Avoid jumping into something without planning ahead, as important details are too easy to overlook. Also, avoid making promises you may … Continue reading

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Jupiter: quincunx Pluto, sextile Mercury

A quincunx (150 degree aspect) between Jupiter and Pluto can create a sense of frustration as we seek to expand (Jupiter) but are hindered by unseen boundaries and forces beyond our control (Pluto).  This aspect will be in force for … Continue reading

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