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Planet: Mars Element: Fire Gender: Masculine Love, money, success, power. Use in love spells. Eat before performing spells to increase your power.

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Color of the Day: Orange

Deities of good luck and good fortune. Charm, kindness, encouragement, stimulation, optimism, success, abundance, prosperity, feast and celebration, achieving business goals, investments, success in legal matters.

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Changing Times

When they think of money, most people think of cash. Today, most people carry money in the form of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, or similar symbols of stored money. So it’s important to update magical practice to keep … Continue reading

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Bring Me Money

Need to draw more wealth in your direction? Try this simple spell that makes use of Monopoly money. If you don’t have a Monopoly game that you can raid for a few $500 bills, try doing an internet search, where … Continue reading

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The Dragon Bowl

Dragons represent success, growth, and the universe. They embody a powerful mystical force manifested on the physical plane. This is particularly true of Eastern dragons, with their more positive connotations, than of Western dragons, with their savage reputation. Which you … Continue reading

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Generosity Spell

Today is St. Nicholas’ Day, an old holiday tradition honoring the kindly man who began the Santa Claus myth. He was known in his time for hiving of wealth to those who needed it. Time to tap into his energy. … Continue reading

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Finding Focus

While indoors more at this time of year, spend some time envisioning the future you want to create. Get a large piece of paper, a pair of scissors, glue, and many old magazines. Close your eyes and breathe, welcoming your … Continue reading

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Maneki Neko

You know those waving cat statues they often have near the entrances to Chinese restaurants? That cat’s name is Maneki Neko, and she’s a Japanese wealth-beckoning spirit. Although it seems like she’s waving, she’s actually beckoning: in many Asian countries … Continue reading

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